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for 90 days starting 7/14 '06 Ford Lincoln Mercury get the 5yr, 60K ESP also


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'06 FLM vehicles get the same warranty announced for the '07 vehicles. This is a "free" 5 year, 60K mile ESP for powertrain with a cost $100 per warranty incident. This promotion on '06 vehicles will last for 90 days starting on 07/14/2006 (+90 days). I was told this by the sales manager at McRee Ford in Dickinson, TX. I read their document that they received electronically on 7/13/2006 through their dealer to Ford messaging system (I think it is called DealerSocket). The sales team was in a meeting on 7/14 when I arrived to finish the deal on my '06 Mustang GT. While we were doing the buy order, my sales guy said he had good news that my car qualifies as of today (was 07/14/2006) to get a "complimentary" 5/60 $100 deductible ESP coverage. I read this blurb about the '06 promotion as it was a "Note:" embedded within the 5 page document that talked about the 2007 warranty program for FLM vehicles that upped the normal 3/36 to a 5yr/60K powertrain. So to clarify the context of the "note" for 2006's, it is a 90 day window offering for 2006's, and we (dealer and I) see this as a way to keep '06 units from being picked over for '07 models already on the lot. Ultimatly, I didn't get a copy of this 5 pager, didn't get a free 5/60/$100 ESP at the finance department, or sign anything stating I would get this offer; and ultimately we agreed that my sales manager would check the "Oasis" (spelling??) system to verify my car VIN would have it's permanent records reflecting the 5year/60Kmile/$100deductible warranty coverage.



I'm traveling, you folks try to find out more, to comfirm this, and I'll get with my dealer about the Oasis confirmation hopefully by tomorrow.


Thanks, God Bless

Brian Hildebrand

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