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Locked AGAIN!


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GTHERO I don't need your censorship and while I don't discount anyone's contributions here I would caution you to remember:


It was Ford that approached Shelby on the GT500 not Shelby to Ford

It was Hertz that went to Shelby not Shelby to Hertz.

It was Ford Dealers that demanded a version of the GTH not Shelby going to Ford


I have personally managed a number of products that did a lot higher revenue number than Hot Wheels within Fortune 150 companies. Products and company's with VERY high brand recognition and customer satisfaction. In fact one I was with seven years was, and is, #1 JD Power in Overall Customer Satisfaction in its industry.


But this is your sandbox and you can run it as you see fit...have fun!


P.S. had you left this alone I'd already be off the front page I'm sure. Oh, and remember this isn't personal, it's business.

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Enough already! Please! Take it private!


When I posted a response to your first post Matt, it was in jest. Let's face it, it's no secret that the team at SAI is working their butt's off to get the first run of 6000 done. I think many members of this board have been waiting for some time. We all want our cars yesterday. Some have endured the growing pains of an orginization in a turn around. Most of the comments of these members after receiving their cars have been more than satisfied. And come to think of it, I don't know of any new model release, you can't call it anything else without splitting hairs, that has not had it's quality issues. In the end we all pay for a warranty that's what it is there for. And no matter what name is on the hood or trunk or front fender all manufactures have the same issues with servie and communication down to the tech level. It is an industry problem not only an SAI problem. Growth is difficut especially in a turnaround. You seem to have knowledge in this subject. With other special projects, 2008 SGT's, SS and 40th. anniv. conversions they maybe a little thin. But lean and mean helps the intial spert. And what we are seeing is the NEW SAI growing into another dimension.


Matt, I enjoy most of your posts but sometimes I just want to come through the screen and say ENOUGH ALREADY! Quite frankly, you have been the loudest voice on issues since I joined the board. Some very justified, others you just don't let go. You seem to cut no one any slack. At times it seems that you want everything done yesterday and it also seems, I could be wrong here, that if it's not as fast or how you think it should be handled you post up and take no prisoners. While you may not think your b$tching, is does sometimes come across that way. The negitive side of the net I guess. The written word is very powerful.


Here you have a company that faced a insecure future prior to Amy taking the reigns. I think you would even agree that she and her team have done a remarkable job of turning around a somewhat failing company in a relitively short period of time. Are there going to be stumbles? Yes! And Amy has stated so. And I'm sure we have not seen the last of them. You mention the companies you have worked for not having these issues. I'll bet they were financially sound well estabilished well managed business prior to your employment. I'm thinking apples to oranges here. Because of the nature of the Icon here the expectations are extreemly high and they should be. I think SAI management knew that going into this project. But a little credit here please.


We have seen the intial photo's of the shop with about a half dozen lifts. There are well over 30 in that same shop. Teams are working on 5 cars a day to convert. Who knew how popular the mod shop was going to be?

And don't think that the suppliers don't have their issues. Look at the grille quality issues. Is that SAI's fault. They need the time to report to the supplier and remedy a fix. Through the supplier. They paid for the product just like we did. It's their warranty. You just added another potential snag in getting a fix out to the counsumer. Underestimated demand for some of the Performance Part's items, yes that has happed also. Mistakes made there, yes and admitted by management. They are working out the issues. Overwhelmed, perhaps. But I think that almost all of the people at SAI don't go to work every morning saying "I wounder how we can screw the customer today". I'll bet they go to work loving what they do and being thankful that they can make a living at something they love. I have felt it in my personal conversations with the people who are killing themself to make this venture a success and trying their darnest to get our cars to us.


Could communication be better, sure it can. But I think you may not be attacking this from the right perspective to get your issues corrected. There are other ways to get a quick response and logging all of the issues and frustrations when they hit you, and posting them up, is not one of them. It just seems to make it worse. I would like to think that SAI has communicated to Ford and Ford to it's dealer's about this scoop issue. Why not call rather than drive to the dealer? It seems your dealer service issues are with the dealer. The president of the company said that there is a fix avalible as of this week. Maybe, just maybe someone is asleep at the switch at the dealership.


I think the forum is a productive means to provide open communication and I have moderated on a few auto enthusiast boards over the last few years. They kept us busy with editing. It is also a resource for the company to gauge consumer reaction. I think they do that quite well at SAI. We are extreemly lucky to have a civil board here and opportunity to have some of these discussions. Critisizim is ok in a constructive way but when it comes across as basicly hammering the compay day after day, that's when the line in the sand get's crossed. Discussion when it get's to the ultimate frustrations level should be handled privately. In the end I feel confident that all of these issues are correctable and SAI will make it right. They have too much to loose by not doing it right. It is just going to take more time than some of us are willing to wait.


No hard feelings I hope? Still would like to meet you at the Aug. 25th. show.


Just my .05 and now i'll just zipper it. :mellow:

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Just my .05 and now i'll just zipper it. :mellow:



Coming from you I accept that and will also ZIP it.


But in almost two months NOT ONE of my issues (remember my list) have been addressed. I get run around after run around and no resolution. I can't even get a hood pin replaced because according to Ford Racing they can't see it in the pictures! How the heck do you see a flopping hood pin in a picture! So yes, maybe I a, a bit miffed at this.


If you've ever bought a Lexus for 40K you would know the difference I am talking about. They kiss your a@@ BIG time while at Ford Racing I get a jerk that's on a power trip and here I get locked.


I this isn't important to all of you...it's not worth expending the time on my part for sure. Looking forward to meeting you and having a beer...then you can't censor me! ;)


No more from me...for now....

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With all this bi@ching and bellyaching going on here, I want to say something GOOD about the Ford and Shelby folks. You'll see my post elsewhere entitled "Exhaust Rattle...Normal Condition?".


Shelby, Ford Performance and Ford (my dealer) all stepped up to the plate and corrected my condition. They first inspected every Shelby-installed part and even completly disassembled and reasembled the exhaust system to ensure it was per spec.


Once they verified that it was not a Shelby issue, the base (Ford) warranty took over and they inspected the entire drivetrain and transmission and associated mounts.


In the end result, it was determined that my clutch was causing the vibration leading to the exhaust rattle. They replaced my clutch and flywheel under warranty and the problem was solved!


Throughout this entire process both parties were polite and professional with each other. I think this went a long way toward getting the issue resolved.

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Hey all,


These boards are for for information, meeting new people, making friends and having fun. IF, I see anymore of this negative stuff going on, I will moderate that person or person who keep bantering, threatening, being rude and just being blatantly out there to squash anybody's ideas, tips and coments. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN!!!!!!


Take this like you want it. Not only is it a warning, IT IS A PROMISE!!!!!!!



Now, lets go back to having fun and trying to help each other out!!!!!!



This thread is NOW CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!




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