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Using an "Authorized" Shelby Dealer to Build


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I am new to this board and I appreciate all your help.


So I can go and buy a 07 or 08 "regular" Mustang GT, coupe or fastback, with the color and options I want, have it delivered to an "Authorized" Shelby dealer (I am thinking of Tampa Bay Shelby) have the mods done that I choose-say I want it exactly like the 07 Shelby GT but I want it supercharged, bigger brakes and no side scoops etc.


After it is built to my specs- than what- Do I get an "authorized shelby invoice?" A shelby plaque? A registration number?


What do you guys think about how collectors will view this car in the future? A Shelby wanna be?


Again, Thx ahead of time

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If you want to turn your own Mustang into a Shelby, if it's a 6 cylinder, it will be called a CS/6, if it's an 8 cylinder, it will be called a CS/8. There is another forum for those cars with more expertise on the main forum section of this website. Once you get it into a CS/6 or CS/8, then I believe Hillbank Motors certifies it to be a "Shelby."


For the Shelby GT, the summary process is as follows:


1) Order a Mustang GT (deluxe or premium). Make sure the dealer is "allocated" a car otherwise go to another one. You only get a few options such as Navigation; Interior Upgrade Package (IUP); black, graphite, light gray or parchment interior; and a few others. See below for more info.

2) Ford makes the Mustang GT and ships it to Shelby Autos (SAI) in Las Vegas.

3) SAI turns it into a Shelby GT (SGT) and then either ships it to your home or your dealer or it stays there for more mods like the supercharger (S/C) – go to the Shelby Performance Parts website for more mods. Another option is that you can go get the car when it's finished - that's called a museum delivery (approx $500) and you get treated like royalty - It's absolutely well worth it!

4) Send a donation check to the Shelby Children's Fund in Gardena California. Be sure to make sure the check is written in my name – just kidding this is not mandatory.


At this point, the Mustang 07 production cars are done. SGT choices were black or white only. Some call them a coupe and others call them a fastback. There are some cars sitting in Shelby's parking lot in Las Vegas ready to be turned into Shelby GT's so you still have the option to have them do you additional mods (but those mods will have to wait until this winter).


08 SGT choices are Vista Blue, Vista Blue or my favorite Vista Blue. You can, however, get a convertible (vert) which is highly recommended since there will only be a few hundred of those – making them very rare. At the top of this forum in the "pinned" section, there is a good deal of info on the 08 cars so read that.


There are several dealers that chime in on this forum that can also help you. It is highly recommended as they are some of the most reputable salesmen you'll ever meet in your life. Even though they may not live near you, they can still get you a car. And since the car can be delivered to your home (for a $500 fee) you don't need to meet them. Plus they might be so ugly that you might not want to meet them – just kidding. Just be careful of one of them as there is one infamous car with a very low Shelby number that we were all having fun thinking he was kidnapping the customers – but that was all in fun too.


Rumor has it that there will also be an east coast mod shop in the future so that may be an option to have them do the mods. No one knows yet where it will be. Someone did speculate it to be Florida but who knows. I am hoping that we will know sometime late August - but that's just purely a guess.


One last thing, since there is much more to say, it is highly recommended that you read through this forum for a great deal of info. Also use the search feature for specific questions as most have already been answered. I'm not trying to be a butt-head, it's just that you have a wealth of info here.


The final process is to wait, wait and wait until you are ready to freak out and sing into an institution, and then wait some more. But it will all be worth it.

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While I was in Vegas at SAI a few weeks back, there was a gentleman there having the Ford Racing handling pack (similar to that used in the Shelby GTs) and sequential turn signals installed in his 2007 Mustang GT/CS. It was a very nice, and nice looking, car, but I doubt that it will hold ever attain any kind of collector car status (and we frankly don't know if the Shelby GT or GT500s will follow the 1960s GT-350's and -500's lead in this area).


I think that if you want to have your car built into a CS6 or CS8, you have to be very specific as to what is done in the conversion, and I also believe that the conversion must be vouched by someone or another before it is officially a CS6 or CS8. I could be way off base here, so forgive me if I'm wrong. Anyway, in my mind a CS6/8 is like having a Roush or Saleen or Steeda car; everyone knows what you have, and it will command a premium if sold later.


I would go further and say that adding CS parts (or Roush or Saleen or Steeda) may make the car look or perform better, but there will be little additional value built in above and beyond what a buyer that would have made the same modifications would be willing to pay for the car.


I have always tinkered with the performance of my Mustangs, and I spent more than I want to admit on shiny parts for my Harley, but I have always looked at these expenditures are current costs to enjoy the vehicles versus long term investments in their value.


Just my $0.02.

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I'll bottom line you here. If you want something that only 5-6000 people in the world have buy a "real" Shelby Gt. If you want something just for fun and performance buy a "regular" Mustang Gt and put the modifications on it. The "real" Shelby GT will remain "always" a true Shelby GT Mustang and will in the Shelby registry, forever. Your Mustang will be like your neighbors Mustang GT with modifications on it and will never have any recognition at all except for a Mustang GT. Do not try to make a Mustang GT something it will never be, a true and genuine Shelby GT. They are limited edition/production cars that only you have and nobody else has.

My choice, buy what car will make you happy not for what it may be.


As for the shelby invoice, dash plaque etc... no you will not get one from Shelby because your car is not nor will ever be A Shelby GT. You will get an invoice for the money you spent though. Also these plaques and limited numbering are for cars that are made by Shelby, that is why Shelby makes them because they are 100% true Shelby American Mustangs. He is also in his 80's and this will be one of the last production Shelby's made.

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I'll bottom line you here. If you want something that only 5-6000 people in the world have buy a "real" Shelby Gt. ... He is also in his 80's and this will be one of the last production Shelby's made.


I'm a little off topic for this thread but...

Add another 2100 people for 2008 SGT + 1000 more current and eventual GT-H owners.


Not to be morbid, but I don't think that Shelby autos will close shop with Mr Shelby's passing. Henry Ford died back in 1947 and they are still pumping them out 60 years later. Just guessing but I would think Mr Shelby would want his company to continue to make his cars too.

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AF- You are always critiqueing my posts. Please try not to make a habit of this as I am often incorrect and you'll be wasting much of your valuable time. However for the record, yes.....there will be another 2200 2008 Shelby GT's for this year. They will be made in both the convertible and coupes and yours does look incredible. I really want to see the Vista Blue when they arrive. Actually I do like my black SGT but the Vista Blue is a strong color as well, we'll see how it looks with those High Performance Silver Stripes in September or October. B)



PS: FOMOCO and Henry Ford are a LONG way away from Carroll Shelby, so you never know if they'll make them after he is gone. The difference between the 2 companies is like 50 billion $dollars$, that's all! : :)

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