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Would this work on a signature on the dash..please advise am in process now. Steve

I wouldnt use the clear enamel on the dash. I believe I would leave that alone for fear of messing up the dash

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Understand that but I want to protect it somehow...any thoughts you have would be appreciated. Steve


The enamel clear I used was from Mercury outboards because its alittle better quality. than most arasolls

you buy in the big box stores. Where exactly is the signature..between the vents or above the glove box ? If it was me I would probably mast off a small section and try it and seen what happens. Then u can come back and mast off the whole section where the signature is. Now that Im thinking about it, I dont think u will have any problems with any discoloration. Just make sure u use light mist coats. Maybe someone else here has tryed some kind of protection on the dash signature. Just make sure u tread lightly !!!!

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