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Muffler Rattling Banging problem


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First of all, I don't want to come off anal, bitching and moaning, but this muffler issue suxs.


Both my mufflers are hitting the bumper frame rail when going over slightly rough roads. Sounds like gremlins pounding the underside of my car . :angry: The dealer, per my recommendations, installed some washers between the hanger and frame. This helped a bit, by dropping the mufflers by 3/8", but they are still clanging.


The only fix I think would work would be to cut the bar on the muffler that goes through the hanger, and weld a 1/2" piece of stock so to drop the entire exhaust system by 1/2" to avoid hitting the bumper frame rail. Or, better support with the rubber hanger gromments. This is happening on the driver and passenger side.


The only fix that I can possibly see, is a drastic one. This may take a trip to my local muffler shop, or will Shelby release a TSB? The dealer agrees with my assessment, and said he has done all he can do at the moment, and I agree with him. I guess I could dump the FR mufflers and put my Flowmasters on? Nah, I like the sound of the FR ones better.


Anybody have any ideas, or are most of us in the same boat?





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