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Certified Dealer Lottery begins


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Being that (from what I've heard) the event is taking place in Las Vegas, they'll probably put dealer names in a barrel and some hottie will draw them out one by one.


I think this is another greed encouragement promotion by Ford. I mean a lottery pretty much insinuates that the winning dealers will have something to gain. Just another way of Ford saying " Congratulations to So & So Dealer on winning your $20k ADM fee... uhh, I mean new Shelby"

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in August? That sound right? Any details on how it will work?



Are you asking about Share of the Nation that will happen in Vegas or are you referring to the small lowly dealers like mine who are non PA, SVT, or SVT-Focus that are waiting for everyone else to get their cars. Well that is with the exception of PL holders :rant: . I am not a PL holder but I do feel for these guys/gals who made the commitment to Ford and are now on the back burner. I guess they can only hope they get a car with some more FRPP parts on it.


I would like to know if anyone has more info on the small dealer lottery to get their only car if anyone knows :sos: .

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