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2008 Shelby GT Comments


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Following the request to post comments elsewhere regarding the photos, are the stripes gold? They look it, and I don't care for that combination w/ the blue. I had expected it would be blue w/ white stripes. Or maybe I am color blind....

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I am pretty certain that the combinations of white and blue is being saved for something else. At least Amy has said so.



BINGO!!!! I know I harp on this too much but I'm begging you guys--go out to a Borders bookstore...in the automotive section you will find a book by MBI called "Shelby Mustangs"...high quality glossy paperback reprint for only $12.99 (or go to Amazon and blow the big bucks on the Hardback-its still in priint). Buy it, read it, study it.


Go to the 1966 section..study that vehicle and then look at yours...the similarities will blow you away...the 07 and 08 Shelby GTs are drawn from the 1966 GT350H = a modern version of the car... The 350H came with bronze (aka gold) stripes...the modern 'for sale to the public' version has silver instead--note that both are a metalic looking stripe thus the tie-in...obviously the bronze/gold stripes are only going on Hertz cars (there is a contract somewhere plus the desire to keep Hertz happy--not in the 500 GTH's they buy but in the thousands of cars bought for Hertz rental fleets). The traditional Shelby stripes of white and blue are going to show up on 'traditionally' named Shelby Mustangs aka GT500 and GT350.... if Ford and SAI put together a GT350 you all know what colors it is coming in and the stripe colors as well.


Last bit on the 66 GT350H...everyone knows of the black version but it also arrived at Hertz in White, Blue and Red..all with bronze (gold) striping....for 07 we got black and white, 08 is blue...still leaves red available as part of the tradition.

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