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:bandance: :happy feet:

I am so glad the plant is reopening today it gives us more to dicuss.

I hope we start getting more Info. The last 2 weeks have been rough for me.

I don't know about you guys but I WANT MY CAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I can't get the car give me more info where it is.

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Gosh, do I ever agree about the last two weeks being long! I have been expecting my car the whole time as the dealership computer has shown that it was shipped since before the shutdown began!


I called the lady at the Ford Customer Service number and she told me that the ETD was 10-17 July. Well, today that window ends! I suspect it still might be in Flat Rock awaiting the stripes. I know it was completed 16 June, so yesterday was a month gone by!


I am pretty patient, but it would have been easier on me had they been able to say back on July 1st that it wouldn't be here for x-amount of days! I want my car, too!


I am really enjoying reading the posts from the guys that have gotten theirs already! I know they are having the times of their lives! And we are getting the first hand information we have all wanted!


We have to be patient! That is so easy to say!

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