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Check this out!


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Found this just surfing. Second photo down, click for a larger view when you are there. Third down ain't to bad either.


Very, very cool:


How many here are going to relive this experience! :lol: Look closely at the license plate..................tell me what you see :D



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Thats a pretty cool print but I didn't see anything special about the tag other than it being handicapped plate. Also the tag looks to be from Alabama and the trooper looks to be from Tennessee.




You got it. Just looking at the age of the driver, the faded paint, the handicap plate and the Trooper writing a ticket.


Looks like me in a few years. My wife tells me I'll never grow up. But I just like my toys. I just thought of myself sometime down the road, getting pulled over for a speeding ticket with a handicap plate! :o :D


tag says 20/20 :D



You got that one! Good catch. Look at the guy driving, the handicap plate and the glasses. I just cracked up. :lol:

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