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Does this Shelby make sense to you?

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What do you think about this eBay listing? The best that I can figure out is that it is a Mustang GT with a GT500 exterior package (hood, front, back, tail), upgraded exhaust and wheels, and the red package for $39,991. I didn't even think you could order the red package for the a non GT500. I like the look but you're paying close to the GT500 MSRP but you don't get the 500hp. And people talk about the SGT price we're paying.


I know the GT500 can't be had for MSRP, but I couldn't live will this lie. Everyone would think GT500...would you go along or tell them?...or tell them I paid the GT500 price minus the motor. That would get old real fast. And there is no GT500 interior pieces. It's going to look like a standard mustang inside. Crazy.


Is it me....does this make sense to you?



Ebay listing Item number: 160115852635

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i also saw a white with red striped GT500 on ebay the other day, couldnt figure how they got the car so quick. they had posted the window sticker and it said strip DELETE. they ordered a white car with NO stripe then added the red strip later, they never said it was a factory red stripe car, but they didnt say it wasnt.

when i list something on ebay i think you should be completely honest, dont leave things to question.

thats just me and my dang morals.



oh i forgot, nice job with the invoice Jason. nothing like facts to prove a point.


michael morris

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It's a poser car straight from the dealer - I guess you could call it a "Shelby taint".

I like the red stripe though.


I'm going outside right now to scrape off my silver tape and grab a red rattle can

and some masking tape. It's night time here but what the heck....


Wish me luck!!




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