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balck vs white


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Does anyone know what the ratio of black to white and 5-speed to auto is? It seems like most of them are black.



We really won't know until that last SGT is built. This question has been asked many times before with no good answers, but I would think many of us would agree that a black manual with black interior is going to be much more common than a rare white automatic with parchment interior. I saw nothing but eBay black manuals from the first round from the dealers, but orders for white cars are much more common with the second orders from the dealers. The same is true with manual vs automatics. Automatics were almost unheard of on eBay in the start, but they can be found today. Heck, we don't even know how many will be built. The next most often question....or are questions related to S/C warranty the most often question? Or is it the mod shop related questions....ok I losing track.

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