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Shelby's at Knott's


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I ended up bringing the '65 to Knott's, but I did look at the Shelby's..For some reason, they were mixed with the GT500's.


There were 2 black Shelby's, and 2 Hertz cars.. one of them was over in the regular '05 section..


I never noticed how gold the stripes are on the Hertz cars.. little much for my taste..


Despite the chance of rain, it was a very nice show!


I will post some pictures later today.

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.....The Shelby GTs and the GT500s were in the same class, 2007 Shelby Mustangs. They usually park the cars by class at Knott's. The one Hert'z with the regular GTs was probably misclassified. Either on accident or the owner may have thought they had a better chance in that class.

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