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Tungsten Grey Coming Together


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I like the clear turn indicators. Also its cool to see a another color under the CS6/8 package. Im waiting to see a white with blue stripes CS6/8.


The stripes would have to be added by the owner. Shelby will only supply silver stripes and for white/yellow/silver cars - grey stripes. That said, I have seen pictures of prototype CS60003 which is silver with grey stripes and it looks awesome.

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This is my CS8 (white and blue) proyect on the way. I'm waiting some parts to arrive to send it to the body shop. This weekend, test fitting the fascia and hood.


Wish me luck!


I couldn't add the pics to the forum!!!!! I posted 2 photos on the Shelby Mustang Group to give you guys an idea of my progress.


Keep posting!!!



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