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S197 Shelby Owners Association


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....It is $44 for US. Take a look at the link. I t will answer your questions better than I can. I am a member.



I have gotten some questions about the club. I am just a member and not trying to pimp them. I offered the link for you all to check out. When you look at the link it looks like they are very heavy on the GT500s. The reason is because they have been developing this association since before the Shelby GT was announced. Their focus was just to get it up an operating. Currently, they are looking for design ideas for a Shelby GT. They offer Shelby GT owners a "Cobra" key chain without "GT500" lettering. There simply isn't any Shelby GT merchandise out there.


The people starting this club operate stangsunleashed.com. They seem to be very much in the know with Shelby and Ford. I have gotten Shelby GT stuff, like the concept brouchure with the Shelby GT in it, from them that I would not of had access to.


Ultimately, check out what ever club you may be thinking about for yourself. There are plenty out there. I will be in this S197 SOA, SAAC, and a local one that I haven't decided on yet.

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Thanks for the info socaljafo. Great stuff.


I thought I'd also let people know more about the Shelby American Automobile Club (SAAC). I've been a member for years. They run awesome and fun events each year. I got to meet Mr. Shelby at SAAC 28 a few years ago. They usually have the events at race tracks; like at Las Vegas. I can't wait because I will get to race my SGT on the track against some of the vintage Shelby's. I would love to go to SAAC 32 this year. It's in Utah so I might just fly in rather than bring my car. Maybe I'll wait till next year hoping they're closer to New England.


Anyway, I am pretty sure that they will be updating their website in the next few weeks to allow us all to enter our information about our SGT's. Then in 2009 or 2010, they will have a Shelby GT Registry (book) that we will be able to purchase which will have all of our names with the Shelby VIN, the state we live in and probably more info like the dealer we bought from and options. I own the 1997 Registry which has all of the vintage Shelby Cobras, Shelby Mustangs and other. I can't wait to see my name in the SGT Registry. I've longed for this for years now.


Here is the direct link to where we will be able to enter our info. The SGT will have it's own site and will probably be listed under the GT500 link. I highly recommend that everyone enter their info so that there will be accurate information (in addition to what SAI is maintaining) about our cars, along with the options we get and so forth. I don't think you have to be a member to enter your info.




Hopefully we'll all see each other at some of these events.



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