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Shelby CS6 Upper Grille Instructions


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Hi all!!!!!!!!


Here is the last one for now. Hopefully more to come.


Thank you!!!!!







Remove stock grille from car

Cut center section out of stock grille (area open to allow air through to radiator)

Cut the paper template along solid line

Lay stock grille face down, align template with end of grille and mark three holes

Turn template over and repeat on other end of stock grille

Drill the upper and lower holes on both ends to 5/16” (template states 5/8” hole)

Drill both center holes with a 4” hole saw



NOTE: If installing SHELBY letters on trunk lid, use the grille letter backing plate as a template before continuing with the grille assembly. Insure it is right side up and out before drilling.


Use letters “E” and “L” through the front of the Shelby grille to center the backing plate

Carefully bend the backing plate so the letters remain level

Drill the backing plate guide holes slightly smaller than the letter’s barrel nuts

Insert the barrel nuts in the backing plate

Center the backing plate behind the Shelby grille

Carefully insert the letter from the center out, adjusting as necessary to keep them level



Remove the outer nut from each stud on the Shelby grille

Install Shelby grille to stock grill, adjust inner nut on each stud until grille sits firm

Install the previously removed nuts on the four studs and tighten



Place the new grille assembly face down

Loosely set the driving light in the oval opening, attached bracket facing top of grille

Position the appropriate Shelby supplied light bracket over the light’s bracket

(Shelby bracket is left or right specific. Short flange is positioned to the inside)

Mark supplied bracket, drill and loosely mount the light’s bracket to the supplied bracket

Reposition the driving light over the oval hole (adjust light bracket to Shelby bracket fit as necessary)

Drill two 1/8” holes on both sides of the supplied bracket into the stock grille

Attach the supplied brackets with four 1/8” aluminum rivets

Repeat on other side



Reinstall new grille to the car

Wire the driving lights following the lights instruction sheet






This is the template for the driving lights.






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Hey Budman340 ---- Just got a CS6 Upper Grille, how much did you cut away from the stock grille for the installation? Any suggestions of the best tool to do the cutting? Any idea if the CS6 lower grill will fit a stock V6 facia (I tried asking someone at Shely Performance ,,, all they can tell me is whether it's in stock.....) Your template for the upper grill install is great!

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