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Upper Billet Grille Instrucions


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Hi all!!!!!!


I am going to add a couple new topics on "HOW TO" This is the first one. I hope more will follow. This one is how to install the Upper Billet Grille.





Billet Grille Instructions


Here is a picture of the modified grille (included in this email). As you can see, you will need to cut out the center pony and the two outer driving light housings. You will see in the kit that there are 4 studs and lock nuts and 2 brackets. Place one stud into each hole in the new billet grille and screw in. Place new grille onto the modified grille. Now place the 2 supplied brackets and then tighten down the lock nuts. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN these bolts. This could cause the the original grille to warp. After you are done, trim down the studs. Reinstall grille assembly.



Here is a picture of the modified grille. You can see that the center pony and the 2 driving light housings were removed. I will add a picture of the completed assembly this coming week.






Hope this helps you all out!!!

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