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GT500KR hood pins offered?


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Anyone from SA able to tell me if the GT500KR hood pins will be offered as an option part? I would really like to have those on my Shelby GT. The potential rust issue would likely be much lower and I like the fact the cables are not setting out there. Not that I have a real problem with the cables but I would prefer the GT500KR version ones more.




Edited to add a link for reference:



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It looks as though these are integral to the hood. See how it's recessed into the hood? Looks to me this won't work on the stock hood without some major modification. SAI is supposed to be selling this hood in the future so save your pennies!




If their like the ones I have on my '70 442 semi- recessed 1/4-3/8 of an inch, spring loaded and twist to lock. Slick set-up. Much better than the cables. We've ordered GT-H hood with hood pin delete. Olds and Ford were the only ones back in the day that used this method, that I know of. Don't like cables. Might have to be frenched in. Tough to do on existing hood.





P.S. Did I tell you all that we've been waiting since early January for mods. Now there's some extreme PSDS. Already made 3 car payments.

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......hood pin delete on the CS hood, I didn't think of that. I too have been waiting since early Jan. I'll have to ask about that. I wonder what the radiator cover will look like with the pins removed.



Early January???!??!?!?!?!?!


OMG...don't tell me that! My car FINALLY arrived at SAI last week and I want the CS6 hood and the stock spoiler I hope this was just an issue with the mod shop set-up but you have to wonder why SAI wouldn't have sucked it up and just offered to take the car to a local high quality body shop and certify it. Four months is just too much...you guys have the patience of Saints!

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I am sure the wait time will get progressively shorter once the shop opens. I'll be curious to who has the lowest CSM number and therefore has been waiting the longest.




I think we have a similar build date of Jan 8th. Is that close to yours? It's been a long wait!

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