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Cobra gas cap


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How many people would like to see an after-market gas cap badge with a cobra on it? I sure would.



I would have rather seen them use the standard Pony cap as on the GTH but hey that's me!


I think there is already enough branding going on with this car, Ford, Shelby, Powered by Ford, Running Horse, etc. and adding a Cobra to the mix just adds to the confusion. This car isn't a Cobra and I personally think this car is cool enough without being seen as a "poser". But hey, to each is own though and feel free to mod to your hearts content! We all have different tastes and opinions, that's why there is a choice of white and black!



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....If you really want one, Ford Racing Performance Parts has one in their catalog. The Cobra only no lettering.



Well I guess it has FORD lettering. Here is a link with a picture. Personally, I would have liked to seen SAI have one for the Shelby GT. It will be the only special edition Mustang without its own fake cap.



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