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Got mine #825


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It is # 825, and I have been working to get this car since september..Most of the dealers around here were marking them up 10-15k, and I was not going to do that. In fact, I had called up about 15 dealers, and every one of them did not even know what I was talking about..But since they did not know, and thought it was something down the lines of a GT500, they marked it up anyways.I just had them put me on a new list, and told them to call me when they received info.. Pollard Ford in Lubbock, did a very good job of calling, ordering, and delivering..The only options I got, were the power seats, and the 5spd. I was not sure I would like the 5 spd, but it only took a little while, and boy is it nice to shift with this setup. I thought most of what came stock was enough for me.. I had to keep my wife in the dark for 6 months, because I was not sure if I would get this car at sticker, I thought someone would come in and offer more, and the dealer might cave. So I waited until the day I received it to take it home to Momma, and boy was she happy..I have owned and driven some really fine cars in my life, my father owned a 69 mach 1 428, that I have always wished I had back. I have to say that this car has that same feeling to it, and it is quite the eye catcher..Pictures really do not do this car justice, as it is simply stunning when you stand next to it. I tried to upload more pics last night but it would not let me, so tonight I will try to crop some, and repost.. It is nice to be with others that share the same love for the muscle cars. Thanks for the welcome.



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