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some Newbie GT questions


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sorry for the ignorant questions


1) Those of you who pre-ordered did you still have to pay dealer mark up over msrp?


2) When will dealer take pre orders for 2008's and will they be any different than 07's?


3) how do you keep the stripe as new and shiny as the paint, anything different for maintenance?


4) Someone mentioned "the rare white sgt" in a post, is that because everyone one wants them in black and have ordered them that way.


5) If you say upgrade the hood to cs before taking delivery do you get a credit kick back for the original hood or is that taken into consideration and you get different price than the $1599 listed, same question for the tires and wheels $2,171


thanks to all and enjoy the ride, one more does the GT sound as great as the GT-H's, like a wild stallion in heat?

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Quickly I'll give more detail later:


1. Ordered mine the week ordering opened and purchased mine at MSRP.


2. SAI has made no commitment that there will be a Shelby GT in 2008. Could be. Could be something else in its place (GT350???)


3. I don't know


4. Basically most believe there will be less white cars. Some think marginally (like me) some think as high as 75% black to 25% white.


5. I don't know never even consider it.


6. There hasn't been any word on that other than Mr. Shelby would like to have the GT500 in an Auto. I know the colors are out for the 2008 GT500 but I don't know about the specs.

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