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Something wicked this way comes......

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Confirmed with Sanderson today that the car is finally out of the chassis shop and it has an extremely nice 14 point roll cage that is certified to 8.50 seconds. Car should be fully assembled and brought to Houston for tuning around the 25th of this month. We should have two days of tuning and testing done before the FFW race at Houston Raceway Park on May 4-6.


With the Kenne Bell 2.8 big bore supercharger we are looking for 1200 hp to the tires!

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Ultrastang think you'll beat Evolution's GT500 to 8sec.?? :unsure:


Possibly. If this thing ever gets finished, that is. I know that Evolution has two cars already up and running. However, I don't think either one is in the "8's" yet. I'm also not sure if they have been running on true slicks or on drag radials. In Ultra Stang, we have to run on DOT legal drag radials only. Another thing on our side: Richard Lelsz of Strictly Performance is doing the tuning. With his vast experience making obscene amounts of power out of four valve Cobras with KB superchargers I have no worries about having enough horsepower.


We still don't have the clutch for the car yet and now the owner is talking about going with an automatic transmission. Personally, I believe the auto is the way to go for several reasons.


1. Consistency

2. Parts longevity

3. Better application of torque curve


With World Ford Challenge coming up shortly it will be interesting to see who else shows up. Not sure if Evolution is going to be there or not. If we don't get the clutch within the next week or so (and/or the automatic conversion) I will have to use my new '07 Mustang for the Louisiana FFW event. The GT500 would then make it's debut at the Richmond, VA race. Evolution has already stated flatly that they will have both cars waiting for us in Richmond.

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The Sanderson GT500 has finally arrived here in Houston at Strictly Performance. This thing is a work of art! Amazing what happens when you toss great show car builders in with a few hard core Super Stock racers and build a car. I am thoroughly impressed with Sanderson's work.


The car is getting a few touches of the Strictly Performance "Cobra Magic" that has led to some of the quickest Cobras on the planet. Dyno tuning will commence tonight and we are looking for 1000 hp to the tires with the new Kenne Bell 2.8 supercharger. Track time will depend on how the tuning goes. If all goes well we will debut the car this weekend at Houston Raceway Park during the Clash of the Titans series. If we need an extra day or so then we will be making shakedown runs on Sunday during HRP's test/tune session. If everything goes well this weekend then you can fully expect to see the car at the Norwalk, Ohio Fun Ford Weekend event next weekend.


I'll keep y'all posted!!!


By the way.....Evolution never showed at Richmond. Buncha' sissies.

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