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Completed and Shipped!!


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Well after months of checking the vin checker several times a day, I checked tonight for the 2nd time today and found my car's status "Completed and Shipped" I actually called my dealer today to see if he had heard anything but he hadnt. Ill call him tomorrow and give him the good news. Hopefully everything goes well with the purchase price. Im looking forward to recieving it. I ordered on about Dec 1st and it arrived at Shelby around Jan 31st, completed and shipped today march 15. Black/Manual

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Congrats and welcome to the Shelby family!!! :D We love our car and we're sure you're gonna love it too.







I am with you. I also love my Shelby. It is a blast to drive and I have no regrets whatsoever about the purchase. 99% of the negative stuff being said about this car, including the Car and Driver article is CRAP as far as I am concerned.



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