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I was wondering if SAI is or will be giving the old parts of my SGT ??(GT RIMS THAT IT CAME WITH PRIOR TO CHANGING IT TO THE BLACK ONES). If so how do we get it.


If the wont fit in the trunk you can have them shipped. They return all parts.

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.....I want to echo what LR66 said. They are shipped with to ford with the polished or black painted bullets. The cars don't arrive at SAI with stock GT wheels and then replaced with the bullets.


Are you asking what happens to the bullets if you opt for the 20" Razor, Redlines or GT40. If you have the additional wheels added, the bullets are yours. You either have to pick them up or pay to have them shipped. I think a simple phone call to Shelby would take care of that. Ask for the modification shop.


Also, I would qualify cm198s post by they return all parts you replace with aftermarket pieces from the modification shop. For instance they don't return the suspension pieces or any other pieces that are part of the standard Shleby GT conversion.


.......well, they return the grill to you but it is slightly modified. Sorry SAI, I can't resist.

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