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CS8 Proyect installation questions


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Hi guys...Beautiful CS6 and CS8 cars.... Congratulations.

Hope to start posting my pictures of my white CS8 soon.


Where did you place the windshield washers after placing the new hood? Or any ideas?

Is recommended to install the undercover of the original hood to the CS6/CS8 hood?






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I am gonna try to install it this weekend. I started to work on it before I sent the car in to the bodyshop but man the wiper arms are a pain to get off. Needless to say I did not get them off yet.




Wiper nozzles. If you mount the nozzles in the stock location like i did the spray pattern now goes mostly to the top section of the windshield and the roof of the car. Go with the CDC relocation kit to the blades. Less overspray and waste and puts it right there at the blade. Or you can just turn them to the sides and squirt people on the sidewalk or link it to your alarm system so mace sprays out and maces the bastard trying to get in your car. LOL

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