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I Just got my SGT!


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Congrats...give us some details on timeline..when ordered...when shipped to sai and when received at dealer...it will help us poor souls who are anxiously waiting. Thanx Steve



Ours arrived yesterday also! It was a looooonnnngggg wait.

We ordered Dec. 10, it arrived at SAI on 1/15. That being said it is absolutely worth the wait. Send good vibes for non-rainy weather this weekend in Seattle. We are dying to take on a road trip.

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Great idea on the tag Joe...Thanks.


I love the car, it drives great and sounds even better! Everyone stares and askes everything about it! As far as time line goes, my situtation seems to be very different from others. I had been talking to all the ford dealers in the Miami area and they all kept telling me that this car wasn't available! I finally was able to talk to a manager that knew of the car and had actually ordered one for his showroom floor. I instantly said I wanted it and purchased it on February 7, 2007. The VIN tracker already showed "enroute to Shebly". On Feb. 16th it showed "Arrived at Shelby" and on the 27th of Feb. it showed "Completed and Shipped". Nobody seemed to know anything about time line, either at my dealer or at Shelby. Next thing I know on March 1st I get a call from my sales guy telling me the car is ready to be picked up! So, my wait was actually less than one month. You guys are going to love your cars, I'm using mine as a track car on the weekends. Goodluck to everyone!!!

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