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Northeast Shelby GT owners Unite


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I was thinking of setting up a website, sgtclub.com or something like that, with an online forum, where people can discuss their Shelby GT's and post various events/shows, meets and things. If there is enough intrest and if i can get Amy/Shelby to endorse it, I would be willing to try to set it up


EDIT: just did some research as to costs to set this up, domain would be 9$ a year, vBulletin software runs about 160$ for the liscense.

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Would any of you know of a current SGT club, or be intrested in forming one. Kind of a place for us to see when others might be going to the track, or going for a cruise, etc...




Hey GT,

I'm on long Island in Huntington and have a white 5 sp which is currently in Las Vegas getting some mods. I would be very interested in persuing the idea of a club and a web site ,if we can get enough interested.

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