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Car has been en route to shelby for 2 weeks now !! wtf


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As of yesterday i believe the vin tracker is up to date.

My car is still listed as en route to shelby

i was shipped the first week of February.. are they pushing it there???


Anyone have a similar situation?

Id like to be able to determine when i should have it.

i figure it will be about four weeks from the time it goes into production.

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Mine first showed up as "Enroute to Shelby" on Jan. 29 and just showed up at shelby this week Feb 19 (21 days), I think mine took a tour around the country before arriving. :lol:




RI Harley, can you let me know when your car goes into production?

ill use your car as a barometer for mine.


so yours was 17 days until arrival, what stage is it in now?


Cant wait...


where are you in Rhode Island?


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i am fearul that it will take a full 8 weeks to receive it from the date it left the factory in Michigan.

My problem is not so much that i dont want to wait, i have a leased vehicle that was due back on Feb 1st and i dont want to keep extending it, plus its a piece of crap car that i am dying to get rid of.

Original Documentation stated 6-8 weeks from leaving the gate at Ford ...

mine left on Feb 8th...which means i am possibly looking at April 8th????

might as well do the S/C at that point and wait a month longer...

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i am not sure about actual turnaround time from when the car arrives at shelby to shipment back to the dealership... From what I have heard it takes aound 20 days for the car to go from ford in michigan to SAI in Vegas


Patience is required, but from what we hear it is worth the wait.

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