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GT-H verts coming?

chilli bullitt

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So, has anyone else heard anything about a GT-H vert possibly coming this summer for Hertz? Saw something about it over at The Msutang News...



Last thing Amy said (January '07) was that it was being 'discussed', so I would imagine it's a good possibility. Very attractive car. Wonder what color roof it would have? I think the beige roof would look sweet, and I'm not a beige kind of guy.

Makes sense for Hertz, too. Let's keep our fingers crossed! ;)

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I wrote Hertz a few days ago about the availability of GT-H's still in the fleet for rental, whether they would sell direct to consumers, and whether there are any other Shelby vehicles in the pipeline for Hertz in the future.


I got an initial response and a more detailed one today addressing all points...


1.) No information available about sale of Shelby Mustangs.

2.) The GT-H is still available for rental at "numerous" locations with the United States.

3.) No records indicating other Shelby vehicles will be available for rental in the "near future".


That being said, I hope those are marketing qualifiers on point #3. We'll have to wait and see if anything is announced at the New York Auto Show!... Nothing @ NAIAS in Detroit last month.

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