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New to vintage Shelby's and have Q's re: serial/VIN numbers. I understand there is supposed to be a Shelby number (i.e., 8T02....) AND a Ford VIN. From everything I've seen about where these numbers are supposed be, I am confused. The car I am dealing with seems to only have the Shelby number. The Shelby number is stamped on the Ford ID tag in the front window. All the tech literature I have seen says the Shelby number should not be there. Does anyone know the deal? Where can I confirm the numbers? Also, when I run a VIN search on the Shelby number, I cannot complete the search because the number is only 16 digits. Any help would be great.

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It sounds like you have a 68. In 68 Ford took over Shelby production. The 68 Shelbys all use the 11 digit FORD VIN number, followed by a 5 digit Shelby number. The entire 16 digit number is only on the stamped fender plate. The FORD VIN should be under the plate and on the dash...


You need a Registry .. also, you can get a vehicle report from Marti Autoworks


Walt Boeninger

67 GT500 #538

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