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78'shelby ranchero

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i'm trying to find out if in fact did shelby produce a ranchero to celebrate their {fords}diamond anniversary. in the book " ford ranchero 1957-1979 photo history" by james c, mays , he goes into a detailed account of how in 1978 shelby produced a very limited production run {39} ranchero's all the cars were black with gold accents a modified suspension ,modified 400 engine ,custom grey interior etc. have any of you heard of this ,or do you know where i can find out if this is true or not . any assistance would be appreciated thank you

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Carroll Shelby nor Ford ever produced a Shelby Ranchero. Back in the early 1980's I almost fell for that scam because the president of the Ranchero club featured a Shelby Ranchero in his newsletter and vouched for the owner who was trying to sell it to me.


Lets just say that after some detailed researched I learned this was nothing but a Ranchero that someone had added some reproduction Mustang parts to.


Lets just say that when I asked some more detailed questions I never heard back from the seller nor the Ranchero club president.


Number one rule with Shelby's. Do your research first before you hand your money over. Number two rule. If you don't know the answer start asking others and soon you will now the answer.



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