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Off to a not so good start with the parts


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Well sport fans I picked up the 2005 Mustang (Sonic Blue GT) in NY and drove it back to MKE in 9 1/2 hours with no problems. To all those Northstar V8's and that Subaru Wrx, and the others I encountered on my travels back the beer city, Ha ha, Suckers Better luck next time! :lol:

Man oh man I can't wait to get the Supercharger! Having only putting on 640 miles on the meter she still has under 17,900 miles on it. Paying only $20,900 for the pony I think I really found a good deal. So, now on to my ordeal. Well as of 2 weeks ago I had purchased most of the Shelby parts from Hillbanks and to include items from Summit and Tire Rack. One item I did purchase from Hillbanks through ebay was The 2005 Mustang - Dynamite Sticks Sequential Taillights made by Classic Design Concepts. In the small box was 2 simple wiring harnesses that matched the OEM M2F plugs. I just pluged them both in and tested to see what they would look like. (placing a 5ft mirror against the garage door) When I went to apply the foot brake only 2 lights went off in sequential order. The inner most lights did not light up, only the middle and outer lamps illuminated. Then I did a rapid fire of my foot onto the brake pedal once more and the lights would only light up 30% of the time. This would not be very safe if I had to apply the brakes in stop n go conditions. So I am thinking where is my instruction/installation sheet? I realize I did'nt get one. So perhaps this isnt just a plug n play item after all? I noticed on the 2 harnesses were black wires that looked like they need to be grounded. So I did a splice and grounded them. No joy! They did the same thing. Only 2 lamps would work on both sides and if I pushed the brake pedal in rapid sucssesion it sometimes would'nt even light up. OK, so thats my first set back. I will be calling Hillbanks on Monday to follow up on a solution. The next problem I had was the Hurst short throw shifter Part # HUU-3910201. After removing the OEM shifter I installed the $200.00 aftermarket part only to find that the inner internal housing was allowing the shaft/vertical lever to pop out by 1 1/2 inches! :angry: (#%@&!!!!) So picture yourself sitting in your 5 speed Mustang and holding your shifter with your right hand and you go to shift from 2nd to 3rd and the whole stick popping up about inch or more as you throw the vertical arm forward. Thats what was happening to my Hurst shifter and not just from 2nd to 3rd gear either. It took little effort to have the whole vertical arm to lift up out of it inner seat. So I have Summit replacing that item in the next couple of days. Man Im bummed! :( So I will be on the road for the next 4 days. That should be enough time to get the replacement parts or the issues solved by the time I try it again this weekend. P.S. The hood looks great! Just a few small air bubbles in 2 separate places, both in about a size of area of a quarter. A little filler should do the trick. Thanks again Jason!


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It sounds like you got a CDC-110631 taillight sequencer. You need a for 05 only Mustangs. Give me a call and we'll get those swapped for you. Thanks!




All is well in Badgerland!! :lol: To update, Summit replaced the item in two days and it works great! I got the CDC-110630 from Hillbanks on Monday. Installed them the same night. THESE ARE KILLER! Everyone should get this item! Currently the the Ford Racing suspension install is completed. The Shelby razors are on mounted with Pirelli's the rears being 275/25/20 and the fronts are 255/35/20. The headers got installed last night. Waiting on the high flow cats to mount with the mufflers that I got a couple of weeks ago. Hood and side scoops are at the paint and body guy. I will post some pics soon. -FB


Here are just a couple of pics.

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