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My Shelby GT-H Experience


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Well better late than never. I am back for a few weeks from my California trip where I rented a Shelby GT-H at the John Wayne Airport. They had about 5 of them in the lot that I could see when I arrived I went to the Hertz counter and the lady seemed to know that I was the Shelby renter... Could have been the GT-500 on my shirt and the Flames on my outer shirt that gave it away :D ... So I was asked for My Flight Itinerary, Drivers License and 2 Credit cards. She looked up my reservation and checked all my Credentials and then I had about 9 places to either initial or sign. I opted for the insurance (I have State Farm but they would drop me like a lead weight if I had to claim this car) my total was 139.99 a day with the insurance plus all the taxes. In my opinion it was well worth the money. I rented it for 2 days. Then I was given instructions to see the attendant in the Garage to pick up my car. Walked over there and told them I am getting the Shelby I was told to wait for someone to go over the inspection with me. I was met by a Hertz Rep with a Clipboard and about 10 pages of forms in it. We walked over to my car and started the inspection there were a few scratches and scraped on the Ft and Back bumpers looks like someone bottomed it out going into a driveway in the front and maybe got bumped in a parking lot on the rear... Car could have used a good waxing some swirl marks on it.. Other than that it was awesome. We inspected the Hood Pins, under hood Shelby Badge, Dash Badge, SHELBY lettering on the rear, The Shelby Doorsill plates, and the Hertz fender badges. There was also a cable attached to the engine and the strut tower. He (Hertz Rep) Stated to make sure nothing happens to this cable. After that he had me sign and initial a few more spots on that form and handed me the keys.. All in all about 1 hour to rent the vehicle.


Then the fun began starting it up with a nice roar, could not resist to hit the gas and see just how loud it would be in the indoor garage. It sounded so sweet. On my way out ever person that I passed wanted to hear the roar. I spend half of my time getting out of the airport in Natural revving the motor... Once I got to the airport exit on to Macarthur I made my way to the 405 to head to Harbor Blvd. I just could not resist getting on this car even with the traction control enabled this car lit up the rear wheels like it was on ice. I did a rocket shot out of the ramp onto the 405 by the time I hit the freeway I was at over 80 MPH it was still early so there was not a whole lot of traffic. The directions I had put me on freeways most of the way to the hotel but this car was to fun to just go straight to the hotel. I took harbor all the way up there so I had plenty of stoplights and stares. I heard one guy state "That thing has a lot of Horsepower" After making the 15 mile ride up Harbor I arrived at my hotel. I felt like a star pulling up in this car everyone was looking and when I jumped out there was a ton of questions on how to get one of these from Hertz. It was awesome..


I reluctantly turned my keys over to the Valet while I got my room and checked in. Although they did not move the car and it was not my car it was a rental I was a little nervous.


Later I headed out to make my way to Palm Springs to a little get together thrown my Miss Amy herself. What is cooler than going to a party thrown by the president of Shelby Motors and showing up in a Shelby Mustang!!! On my way out there was plenty of traffic but once and a while I made it into the Hammer Lane (Carpool Lane) and had a couple 80+ blasts even in traffic. But the best was about 20 Miles out of Palm Springs we stopped at a rest area to stretch out legs and check out the scenery. On the way out of there I stopped at the entrance to the 10 Freeway and I told my 2 friends to hold on. I put it to the floor by the time I was on the 10 I was at 115 MPH and there was plenty of power to go... I need to buy one of these.


When I arrived at the get together I met Gary from Shelby and he told me about the other Shelby at the party the Shelby CS-6 supercharged 6 Cylinder Mustang making 500 Horsepower. I was drooling I wanted a ride so bad in it... But there was too many cars parked around it.. I cannot tell you how many times I gave the details on my car everybody wanted to know the story about this black and gold beast.


The ride back to Orange County was a real good one... I really liked the handling of this car the changes in the suspension really make this car handle and ride nice. I am sure that bigger brakes and wheels would make it even better but as explained they kept the factory parts on the car to make replacement and repair quick and easy.


My assessment of the whole experience is if you have the money to do it and are going to one of the city’s that offer these cars do it... Even for just a couple days you will not want to give it back. I spent almost $300.00 total for the rental but it was worth every penny.


I do have planes to try to rent another one next time I go to Orlando, Fl. I know the area better and know where to go to show it off and maybe see when it might do on the 1/4 mile. My car was number 198. Attached is some picture of the car. Sorry for the long read but I thought this post out for a couple weeks so I would not miss any details.









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Here is some more pictures!





Looks like I ran out of space on this site I will post the rest from my Photobucket account.












Here is me with the car in that rest area I talked about.














Thats all! Hope everyone enjoys my review!




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