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I was hoping to give a donation to the Childrens Foundation and have Carroll Shelby sign my glove box. He was scheduled to come here to Omaha for the World Chile Cook-off in October, but had to cancel. I was hoping I would have been able to have him sign while in town. He would have loved the Chile. The Question is, I know I can mail it in to him, but does he do pulic apperances and sign for the Foundtion. If yes, where can I find out the location where he will be doing that. Is he ever at the museum for signing. Tell Carroll I hope he can make it to Omaha for the next Cook-off. Look for me, I might be the one with the white 65 fastback and the matching white 2007 Shelby GT. Great job making a car for us working class Mustang fans. Trying to find the money now so I am ready to order. Thanks, see you when I come to Vegas .

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