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I am trying to find how to buy a new Shelby without the seller making some 100% profit on me.

It is a car I intend to keep forever.

Presently I own a genuine 65 & it is origional. with 42k

I have had this car for 33 years now.

Having owned everything else in Shelbies & Bosses, my 65 was always the "keeper"


Opinions for the quest?



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Robin- Nice choice, the Maserati! Love their designs. Did you get the Coupe or the Quattroporte?


Rich- as far as finding one close to list, you can find them for $5k-$10k over, if you look a little. If you want sticker, there are a few out there (or so I have heard), but you will have to "dial for Shelbys" and call around. Or search autotrader (by distance) for dealers in your area to call. More are being delivered daily (around 800/month).

Your '65 is a sweet car. I have owned a couple myself ('67 350, and recently a '69 '500 Convertible--see my Avatar). I owned around 10 other Mustangs over the years. Anyway, if you want to find a near- or at-sticker deal, I would just wait a couple of months. They are coming down steadily as production deliveries are increasing. Your choice...

Good luck!

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