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But where's the 800+ :headscratch: that robertlane said he saw....... :sos:

I want my Cobra :shift: I'm one of 254 PL holders, :rant:

one of those is my Shelby :yahoo:



There are 2 issues holding them up. 1. If you have the premium int pkg, the dash pad squeeks so they are being replaced and 2. The exhaust pipe hanger on one side were off by 3/8" because of a new supplier. 300 cars are held up to retrofit these problems

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I have a GT500 vert that was built for a customer on 6/18. It is still at the plant on "quality hold". I can not get an additional info. Our regional rep used to be a big help to me but she got pronmoted and we got a new one who does not impress me. I've been doing this for 25 years and he tallks down to me and patronizes me like I have 2 months in the business and don;t have a clue.

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