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GT-H Hood


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I was looking at pictures posted on another forum, specifically this shot: http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b351/cra...th/100_1318.jpg


and it appears there are two distinct dents where the hood pins go.


is that normal?




PS. I didn't notice that when looking on the GT-H in Florida



Those dents are not normal for these cars. I rented 0135 in Seattle and saw 3 others at Hertz. Some dummy probably pushed down too hard to get the hood to close.

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My car's been wearing that hood for some time now and has no such deformations. I would guess that it was caused by popping the hood without releasing the pins first, probably more than a few times, and that caused the pressure required to make those dents.


-Rich Sparkman

Shelby Automobiles, Inc.

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