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Another Happy 06CS0135 Renter


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I just came back from Seattle where I also rented 06H0135 also. I had the car for 4 days from 9/2/06 - 9/5/06. The car now has 4680 miles on it. I put 500 on myself!!!! Took the car up and around Mount Rainier. This car was certainly made for those twisty mountain roads. The car loves to fly fast arond all those sharp 20mph turns. I was taking them at 50 mph. Took the car up to Anacortes the second day for some sight seeing on a whale boat. The car also received a lot of looks and stares. The hoods pins were starting to rust. The gold decal on the drivers side front roof had a large bubble underneath it also. The hood also had a scratch in it from a previous renter, just behind the raised area. I also had words with the manager upon returning the car. He threw his clipboard down on the hood like it was no big deal. Some people have no respect for a classic!!!


When I returned home I checked with my local dealer for the availability of the Shelby GT model. They told me they were scheduled to get 2 cars in. I was also told they would be charging $20,000 above sticker when the cars showed up!!!! Don't worry, I won't be shopping with those idiots anyway. Too bad that price gouging will keep many true and loyal fans from attaining these cars. Maybe Shelby should just sell these direct only and not let the dealers get their greedy hands on them. I wouldn't have a problem jumping on a plane to Vegas tomorrow to get mine.


I also noticed I just entered the wrong serial number in the title. If admin can fix that it would be great. I used CS instead of H.


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