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Lucky number 13 ??


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In the Sept issue of Mustang Monthly a reader wrote in to the editor with a story about how he had rented GT-H number 13 and entered a Mustang car show and won the Hertz catagory,THEN he hit a deer while driving around New England damaging the left front corner. The story goes on about how Hertz wasnt very happy about the damage and he felt he got the ol run around. Luck swings both ways I guess, he went from winning a car show to having to sleep in his "wreck a car". Good luck to #13 in the future. Mark

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This car is currently listed on eBay if anyone is interested -



I tried to buy #13 this week, but missed out. Someone beat me to it. I saw it on e-Bay and remembered an article in Mustang Monthly. Searched my back issues and found the story about the renter who won Best of Show. It was also featured in a longer article in Car and Driver. It went for about 35K and did have noted frame damage on the carfax report.


I did sign papers today on #181 today to add to my '65 and 2005 V6 Conv.

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