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new gt500 sighting - Oregon


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Ah, yes, Beaverton Ford. I'm surprised they'd get the first one here. I'll have to check the other SVT dealers in the area, there are at least two that SHOULD get theirs before the snakes at Beaverton Ford. BF wouldn't even talk to me about the Shelby, the only local dealer that wouldn't. I figured they'd pull some truly reprehensible ADM stunt, I actually thought they might try to auction theirs. This dealership had no less than 20 2004 Cobras sitting on their lot when Model Year 2005 began. Nobody else had any. Why? They wouldn't give up on the ADM. They finally knocked their price down sometime in January or February of '05, and sold them off.


I'll still have to go check it out, of course! :lol:

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I would have thought that this car would have 'belonged' to someone already (the #1 on their list) One thing is for sure, that when I see it being driven around the area with plates on it, then I'll know that the driver/owner is someone who can be taken advantage of :tease:


(I'll be thinkin...dumbass!)


No offense

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Guest evilchris

OTHER THAN A FEW SELECTED DEALERS HERE, dealers are scum of the Earth. They are intentionally misleading and LYING to customer about this car. Not everyone is as much as an enthusiast or Internet savvy enough to find out the truth.


About every dealer I call says:


"this car is extremely limited, less than 1000 are being made".


That, and they know it, is a freaking lie intended to impulse the buyer to say DAMN I BETTER PAY THAT MARKUP OR I'LL NEVER GET ONE!! Funny how they lie about the production yet have no clue on the engine specs, size, hp, torque, or any other detail about the car.


I'll usually bring up the Z06 when they ask $75k for the car, the response is generally " yeah but the Shelby is faster than the Z06"



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There may be dealers that are shady, but the term 'buyers are lyars' didn't pop up overnight. It's a two way street.


How many people traded in a car and said, "Oh by the way, it will need brakes soon, the shocks aren't what they used to be, there is an exhaust leak, oh and the pesky check engine light keeps coming on!"


We don't give out information like that because we want the best deal also.


We don't tell them how much is the absolute maximum we will pay, so why would they tell us the minimum they would sell at?

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