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Using E85


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For those not living with realllly large stills in their back yard E85 is a blend of 85% ethanol and just 15% petroleum that is designed for use in flexible fuel cars. I being a hot rodder by nature like the idea of having a readly available source of fuel with 105 octane rating. :) I want to play with this, I figure I need to replace the injectors with one's that flow about 40% more than stock to keep the car from going lean due to the reduced BTU's of ethanol. This would give me the chance to use a smaller pully on the blower to make a weee bit more horse power. I intend to test this out on a cheaper toy first (my 87 shelby GLHS) this fall.


the wait for the GT 500 is going to kill me..........lol



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Well, I lurked around here a year after that post in 2006, became a member in 2007...of course, that was StangsUnleashed. Technically, I have been a member of TeamShelby from day one, with about 10000 of my closest friends.

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