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SVTOA is back


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Just received this from SVTOA -


SVT Owners Association gets green light for self-governance as Ford Racing plans new bond with car clubs.


As you know, earlier this year Ford Racing accepted the challenge of taking a fresh look at how Ford Motor Company connects with its performance vehicle enthusiasts, including the loyal members of the SVTOA. While our task was to create a way to reach out and embrace all Ford performance enthusiasts, we also sought to continue providing SVTOA members with opportunities to enjoy the same benefits that attracted them to the club in the first place. We soon learned that simply expanding the SVTOA into an all-inclusive Ford performance club under the Ford Racing banner was not the answer. After giving the matter much thought, we've now come up with an idea that we think can give everyone reason to celebrate.


Although we are still finalizing the details, this innovative concept we've crafted ˆ with your help ˆ lets us create a more viable relationship with current and future Ford performance owners, yet still allows the SVTOA to continue intact and operational with the same name, mission and organizational structure you've come to know. Pending final approvals, this concept will deliver an independent club run by its own members and directors and not by a Ford-appointed agency or group. And since we share your passion and would like to see the SVTOA grow and prosper, Ford Racing will continue to extend all SVTOA memberships for 2006, and enlist new members FREE OF CHARGE, until the new format is operational. We'll share more about this vision with you as soon as we're able to get the necessary elements in place.



With summer here, we encourage you to get out and enjoy your SVT or other performance Ford at the SVTOA event of your choice (hopefully including at least one On Track event). We'll keep working with your Regional Directors to help build the framework for a strong SVTOA. While we're at it, we'll also continue promoting the club, its events and Ford performance products in Inside the Oval, the monthly magazine that we share with Team Ford Racing. And we'll do our best to answer your questions and concerns when you call our Ford Performance Information Center at (866) 377-8862.


Stay tuned to www.svtoa.com, and www.fordracingparts.com for further information. While the road has been long and uphill, we can see the finish line ahead. So keep the pedal to the metal and both hands on the wheel ˆ we're all going to share in a winning effort!


Mickey Matus

Ford Performance Group Marketing Manager

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