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Aftermarket rims


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I've got an '07 GT coupe inbound.


One of the things I plan to do is put on aftermarket rims.


I've got the rims picked out (THAT didn't take much time! :banghead: ) - but I'm not sure if I should go with 18's or 19's. The Dude at Wheel Max claims they haven't had many issues with 19's getting damaged on the road - but I don't have much faith in his opinion.


I think 19's would look better on the GT - but I don't want to sacrifice wheel integrity.


Ironically, if I go with 18x9.5, he says I can run 285x40's on the rears.

With 19's - they only come in 9" width - so I'd have to run 275's on the rears.


Any suggestions? :shrug:

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