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Driving Plans for The Shelby


Yep - another poll!  

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  1. 1. Driving Plans

    • Street Driving Only
    • Street Driving & Some Drag Racing
    • Drag Racing Only
    • Street Driving & Some Road Courses
    • Road Course Racing Only
    • Some Drag Racing & Some Road Courses

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Okay - before I head to the bar and then my mother-in-laws for some sort of b.s. party - let's see who plans to do what with their hot rod.


I plan on mostly street driving, but I do plan on making a few passes for the fun of it. :shift:

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If it were just me I would hit road courses all the time, but she is paying for half, and her say is aso not worth an argument. I'm just glad she agreed to it because she doesn't even really like driving a stick. So I'm not pressing my luck on it.



Now that's a woman any guy could love! Yes, no point pressing your luck at this point, Niswonger. ;-)

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Garage Queen


I didn't vote because my plans are not to drive it much. Only special occaisions. Fortunately, I have enough other toys to keep me occupied while the Shelby sits.







Can we add just special occasions to this pole???????


Thank you!!


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Yeah, that's me too. Special occasions, and when the wife & I decide to do a little travelling. I want to be able to drive it to car shows in about twenty years and have it be 100% original paint, with low miles. But we will drive it when we want to shoot out to Seattle for a concert or something like that.

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