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Shelby GT-500: The automotive press weighs in.

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Thanks. I think more than a few of us here could have written the article though...."What the road tests coming out this month may have an affect on is the demand placed on the Shelby GT 500 by speculators who are mostly the driving force behind all the price wars. This in essence could have a cooling effect on the hideously large dealer addendums. It might in the end serve to put more real enthusiasts behind the wheel as opposed to investors who would squirrel them away until 2026." Hey; you know who you are :poke::hysterical:

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I don't care much for his sentence structure. :hysterical:





yeah, that's it RUF... sentence structure realy sucks :hysterical2:


I think giving them pre-prod cars to play with was a mistake.... That auto launch is not a panacea for the fastest launch... just a convenience... I suspect the smoothnes of this puppy is deceptive.


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