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Favorite GT500 Press Quotes


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Since we all read everything that's printed about this car, I thought we could share our favorite quotes. Here's a list of mine. :D


Ford: Of course "500HP, 480lb-ft torque" 'nuff said. :shift:


Automobile (July 2006): This is by far the most entertaining read.

(1) "...you can burn rubber with this car more proficiently than the Goodyear factory's incinerator."

(2) "Switch off the traction control and modulate the throttle like a man..."

(3) "...the white-striped red coupe...popped up on law enforcement radar more vividly than three cherries in a Vegas slot machine." :hysterical:


Motor trend (July 2006): The best title "Thunder Road." :rockon:



Business week (http://uk.biz.yahoo.com/09062006/244/american-idol.html):

(1) "...beef up the radio antenna. It seemed a bit pliant at speeds over 130 miles per hour." Guess you can't please everybody. :shrug:

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