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Even though I still have not found me a car I am still following it .My wife got me the new M/T and the numbers in it are much more like we wanted to see on the car.

They took the time to break the car in a little better.Over a 3479 mile road trip here is what they come up with.

Quarter mile 12.7

Top speed 157.5 limited still in 5th gear and at 5250 rpms.(red line is at 6000) and the pony was still wanting to go.


0-60=4.5 sec

0-100 = 9.6 sec.

600 ft slalom averaged 69.7 MPH

breaking 60 - 0 =110ft


Over all they praised the pony like no other ever made. They compared it to the GTO and Charger SRT8 and he smoked the competition.


I can't beleive I am the first to post this.However I am glad to share with all. :bandance: :bandance: :shift::shift: :happy feet: :happy feet:

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