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INDY 500 Pace Car Photos

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During armed forces day (which is a must thing to do their) The Indianapolis Motor Speedway put together a special gathering of All the INDY 500 Pace cars that people were willing to bring to the track for display & some were from the Indy Hall of fame Museum.


All together their was about 72 - 75 different years of cars on display (That was Cool), so I walked the line & took photos of every year on display for my collection.


Here are the all the FORD's & Mercury's that Paced the starting fields over the years that made it to the track. ENJOY!


post-768-1149700750_thumb.jpg 1950 Mercury post-768-1149700656_thumb.jpg 1953 Ford


post-768-1149700568_thumb.jpg 1964 Mustang


post-768-1149700423_thumb.jpg 1966 Mercury Comet Cyclone GT


post-768-1149700335_thumb.jpg 1979 Mustang post-768-1149701061_thumb.jpg 1994 Mustang Cobra


post-768-1149700987_thumb.jpg 1979 Mustang & 1994 Mustang Cobra








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I went there for this "Bump Day" & "Armed Forces Day" even too. i took my 2 year old son who is as much of a car fanatic as any of us. We go out every week end and drive through new car dealers to look at cars & trucks. This kid likes hot wheels and takes them to bed like a normal kid but knows Mustangs, Hummers, Jeeps, Chargers, and "Motorcycle"s from the sounds of engines and at any angle. he points them out constantly. The pic of him in a army copter on the wife/GF pic forum is from this day. It was a great day this year, good weather, and a lot of action. My son, Kyle has also learned that when asked his favorite Driver he says "Danica" when asked why he says "she's cute". I taght him the second part but not the first.


We spent about 3 hours there on bump day and 45 minutes was on military equipt. and about an hour was on all of the old pace cars. It was quite a line up. The rest of the time was on the actual race cars but we couldn't do the garages since he's under 18.


Good pics and a great day to hit the track and not fight all the traffic.

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