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'08 GT500 available


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I'm not a GT500 guy but a dealer that I'd put a feeler out for the BJ GT called me yesterday while I was at home sick and in a haze and said he has a '08 GT500, blue/white stripes, DVD navigation, etc.


BUT, I just spoke with him again (he left another message at work, and I didn't connect the dots.


He's currently got it priced at $10K over MSRP. I told him this group is pretty savvy about ADMs. It's a small dealership and he said he wasn't locked and wants to move it. I got the impression that this car had a buyer and backed out so he said "whatever it takes".


Contact info:


Mike Metz

Galpin Ford

Prescott, AZ (80 miles or so north west).



Good Luck!

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