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Coolness of Mustangs VS Camaro's


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A little of topic..but..In 1985 I bought one of the first ICROC-Z's in our area,TPI red..seems it was like getting a new shelby today,poeple followed it around,a waved and thumbs up. Very cool at the time. Flash ahead 20+ yrs,and the view today is,if you have an old IROC or Z-28 you are a redneck,trailer trash.

But, I have a 89 Mustang black GT,and it seems still very popular,and still gets the thumbs up. I hardly ever see 80's Camaro's restored or even hotroded,but tons of Fox body's fixed up. Why are the Camaro's now so hated?

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The later Mustang and Camaro have had different perceptions and followings from the beginning. The aftermarket support for the late mustangs has been HUGE, and more were built/sold giving a larger number of them modified and still on the roads in nice shape. So seeing a later Camaro on the road in nice shape is not as common of an experience.


As for them being hated, I don't see that in my region of the country, but in an area that sees a lot of hot Mustangs, seeing a nice late model Camaro is still appreciated by some. But the end of Camaro production did not help their following to grow as the Mustang following has - especially with the new body style.


The new body style Mustangs have interested many older mustang enthusiasts (like me) that have not been interested in many of the later Mustangs until now. I have friends that I NEVER would have seen as Mustang enthusiasts that now own 2005-06 'Stangs, and bought them because they remind them of earlier cars and times. In fact, I have one friend that sold a modified Porsche in order to clear out space in his garage for a 2005 Roush Mustang and now has a GT500 on order. He says he has more fun (and thumbs up) driving the Mustang. Ford hit a home run on this one, and the enthusiasm for them continues to grow.


With the return of the Camaro, perhaps things will change a bit for them.

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