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Stock SGT Tune & Steeda Carbon Fiber Intake Elbow

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I've seen several references to folks here adding the Steeda carbon fiber intake elbow for their SGTs. There seems to be uniform agreement that it is a pretty nice 'bolt-on'....at least for aesthetics if nothing else!


But I haven't seen a definitive answer to the question raised a couple of times in those threads - will a re-tune (beyond our FRP/Shelby tune) be required with its addition?


I know the Steeda site says an associated tune is required with its installation, but I am guessing that info is targeted towards folks with an otherwise stock GT. But with the cold air tune our SGTs arrive with...is it safe to add the Steeda intake elbow without a re-flash?




(My first post, by the way, although I've been lurking for quite some time. My thanks to all you guys and gals. The info gleaned here solidified my desire to buy an SGT and, in fact, saved me quite a few dollars when it came time to buy #5048 just several weeks ago).



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